The Gadfly Project is making available in-kind grants for organizations seeking to implement a software initiative. The projects should be used to improve the organization's operations by increasing efficiency and expanding outreach. A significant aspect to the grant application should be to demonstrate how your project will engage as many users/supporters as possible.

This grant offer is non-competitive. All applicants meeting requirements will be considered.

In-kind Grant
This is an "in-kind" grant. The Gadfly Project will utilize in-house expertise and resources to complete the project. This is NOT a cash grant.

Areas of Interest
This grant is wide in scope. Any project that assists or enables organizations that are focused on improving the well-being of humanity and/or the natural environment are welcome under this grant.

Software development efforts with a magnitude between $5,000 (USD) and $100,000 (USD) are prefered, but not required. The magnitude is determined by the estimated cost of the software project. However, the magnitude of the users is of most importance. The volume and profile of the users of the software should be explained in the greatest detail.

All grants are evaluated quarterly. To be considered, enter your application no later than midnight of the quarterly deadline. The deadlines are:
January 26, 2024; April 27, 2024; July 27, 2024; October 26, 2024

Please allow two (2) weeks for responses.